India ranks third among 40 countries in EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. This is a direct result of the strong backing and focus by the government on promoting renewable energy and implementation of projects in a time bound manner. With the Make In India drive and various global clean energy initiatives the demand for Renewable Energy is only rising and the Indian government’s initiatives are only complimenting the growth of organisations in this sector.

To further support and encourage those industry players who strive hard to bring a sea change in India’s renewable energy market with groundbreaking innovations & initiatives, UBM India the organisers of Asia’s largest Renewable Energy congregation the REI Expo is proud to present the 3rd edition of the REI awards.

Over the last two years, the REI Awards have been successful in establishing itself as a leading awards property. It’s 50+% of year on year increase in the participation is proof of it. The REI awards are conducted methodically to draw out the best in the industry, with a process driven robust approach with EY as the process advisors and a neutral jury which comprises of industry think tanks who have championed their respective domain expertises from various facets of the RE sector.

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500 Industry Stalwarts Audience
150000 Industry Professionals Communication Outreach
1000000 Expected Telecast Outreach